• S.E. Alaska

    Hello Robert, Wayne Lich here to thank you for your Quality work on your pot pullers. We have owned one of your pullers for 20...

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  • Safe-T-Puller

    As you can see, we use your pot puller to collect sediment samples from the ocean floor. This is done as part of a dragging...

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  • Bellingham, WA

    To the team at Quality Products Northwest: Marine There are very few US company’s today who are working with both the commercial and the sporting...

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Davits & Options

Handy-Puller™ Davit Pipe

HPD-2100-1P (1-Piece Complete Davit)
HPD-2100-2P (2-Piece Complete Davit)

EZ-ON EZ-OFF™ Davit Pipe

STP-100-AP8-1P-DAVIT (1-Piece Davit)
STP-101-AP8-2P-DAVIT (2-Piece Davit)
STP-100-APH-1P-DAVIT (1-Piece Complete Davit)
STP-101-APH-1P-DAVIT (1-Piece Complete Davit)
STP-102-APH-1P-DAVIT (1-Piece Complete Davit)
STP-100-APH-2P-DAVIT (2-Piece Complete Davit)
STP-101-APH-2P-DAVIT (2-Piece Complete Davit)
STP-102-APH-2P-DAVIT (2-Piece Complete Davit)

Mounting Brackets & Options

Parts & Services

Miscellaneous Items