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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) and Tips

(Q) How should I maintain my Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™?


  • Soap down and rinse off with fresh water after each use.
  • Keep electrical terminals well lubricated with dielectric grease.


(Q) Do I need to re-grease the planetary gears inside my Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™ ?


  • There is no need to re-grease the planetary gears in your Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™.
  • The Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ has a life-time sealed planetary reduction gear lubricated with an EP2 rated lithium based grease that adheres to the planetary gears and is long lasting.
  • Taking the reduction gear unit apart will break the housing’s seal and void your warranty.
  • It will be necessary to return the unit to the factory to have the housing re-sealed.


(Q) How long will the bonded rubber lining on the sheaves last?


  • The bonded rubber will last for many seasons.
  • It is a wearable part and can be replaced.
  • Be sure the pot line does not slip in the sheave.
  • Line slippage will wear the bonded rubber, shortening its life expectancy.
  • Use a downward pull on the line if it starts to slip.
  • Sea grass and slime may cause your line to slip slightly.
  • Ensure your lines are maintained clean.
  • It sometimes helps to reverse the pot line end for end when leaving your pots out for extended lengths of time.


(Q) How much current does the Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™ draw?


  • The Sports Model is rated at 1.1 HP 12 Volt DC and draws approximately 15-40 Amps depending on the load.
  • The Alaskan Sports Model is rated at 1.6 HP 12Volt DC, and draws approximately 20-60 Amps depending the on load.
  • The Light Commercial Model is rated at 2.1 HP 12 Volt DC, and draws approximately 30-80 Amps depending on the load.


(Q) How fast will the Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™ pull my pot?


  • The Sports Model is rated to pull 90-100 Feet Per Minute (FPM)
  • The Alaskan Sports Model is rated to pull 100-110 Feet Per Minute (FPM)
  • The Light Commercial Model is rated to pull 110-120 Feet Per Minute (FPM)


(Q) How much weight can the Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™ pull?


  • The Sports Model has a rated capacity of 100 lbs.
  • The Alaskan Sports Model has a rated capacity of 200 lbs.
  • The Light Commercial Model has a rated capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Many customers pull strings of 5, 10 or more pots on a pot line (where legal) using the Light Commercial Model.


(Q) Will the Safe-T-Puller™ or Safe-T-Hauler™ hold its load while hoisted?


  • The Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ units will hold their loads up to a point because of the high gear ratio.
  • However, it is NOT good safety practice to depend upon this gear ratio to hold a heavy load as it may back down the motor.
  • This would be similar to relying on placing the manual transmission on your vehicle to hold it in place on a steep hill – without setting the emergency brake.
  • A better solution would be to secure the free end of the line to a cleat securely fastened to your boat or to the davit.


(Q) What is the difference between the Safe-T-Puller™ and the Safe-T-Hauler™ ?


  • The Safe-T-Puller™ hangs from a swivel pivot mount at the end of the davit similar to many commercial hydraulic style puller designs.
  • The Safe-T-Puller™ now comes equipped with a roller fairlead giving much greater line control under heavy sea and wind conditions.
  • The Safe-T-Hauler™ powerhead is mounted on the davit close to the gunnel.
  • The pot line is pulled through a FRP Block hanging from the davit end.
  • The Safe-T-Hauler™ has a built-in roller fairlead increasing line wrap and pulling capacity.
  • The Safe-T-Hauler™ design results in a very compact take-apart design that is extremely strong and portable.
  • Generally, crabbers and shrimpers from the Pacific Northwest and Alaska prefer the Safe-T-Puller™ style.
  • Fishermen with boating experience on the East coast seem to prefer the Safe-T-Hauler™.
  • It is more of an individual’s preference as they are both highly proven and reliable designs.


(Q) What makes the Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ better than your competitors pullers?


  • The Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ powerhead reduction gear unit uses hardened Steel Planetary Gears that are much stronger than the competitor’s models. They use a worm drive gear mechanism that is made of brass. The reduction gear unit is a “Planetary Differential” design that is much stronger than the worm gear drive.
  • Quality Products NW uses only the Highest Quality Stainless Steel and Marine Grade Components in our Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ products.
  • We place Safety (your safety) as number one followed by Product Quality as number two.
  • Our Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ products carry a full 90-day warranty against material or workmanship defects.
  • We also offer an Extended Warranty up to 3 years.
  • Go to any marina on the West Coast or Alaska and you will very likely see a number of Quality Products NorthWest Pullers and Haulers mounted on recreational boats. Best advice is talk to an owner of one!
  • The Department of Fish and Game in Alaska uses our products for “checking pots” for shell fish regulation compliance.
  • The Department of Fisheries in Washington State replaced their electric pullers (our competition’s models) on their Fisheries Enforcement’s Boats with our electric “Light-Commercial Safe-T-Puller™ ” models. That pretty much speaks for itself.


(Q) What options are available with the Safe-T-Puller™ / Safe-T-Hauler™ ?


  • Many options are available. (For example: you can use our New Scotty Downrigger Bracket for ease of mounting and convenience.
  • One(1) and two(2) piece quick-detach davits are available.
  • Different configurations for Gunnel Brackets and Kick-Plate Brackets are offered.
  • Custom Stainless Steel Davits and Custom sized and designed Davits to fit your particular boating needs.
  • Talk with our friendly staff to discuss your particular requirements. We will work with you to help you get the special unit you want.


(Q) Can I buy direct from Quality Products NorthWest, LLC?


  • We are a manufacturing firm and do not sell direct to the public.
  • We have worked to establish a dealer network to better serve you with your pot puller selection and installation.
  • To locate a dealer nearest you, please look in our Dealer List or give our friendly customer support staff a call.


(Q) Does Quality Products NorthWest, LLC manufacture other products besides the Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ ?


  • Yes! We manufacture High Quality Crab and Shrimp Pots.
  • These traps will out perform any other traps on the market.
  • Our designs are proven after many years of experience and testing.
  • Our pot and trap products are much higher quality and more durable (rugged) than cheap imports.
  • Please see our Product List for a complete selection of our Crab and Shrimp Trap line.


(Q) What kind of electrical switch does the Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ use?


  • Our Safe-T-Puller™ and Safe-T-Hauler™ units are operated by using an air-activated foot switch that controls a heavy-duty marine coated solenoid.
  • We call this unit the “Safe-Switch” which is now standard equipment with all of our puller and hauler models.
  • Using the air-activated control means that there is no possibility of contact between the electrical current and any salt water on your boat deck.
  • This is a “Safer Product” than any other design we have seen.


(Q) What is the gear ratio for the Reduction Gears?


  • The reduction gear is a “Differential Planetary” design that is an extremely strong and reliable unit.
  • The Gear ratio is 159:1.
  • This means that the 12 VDC motor turns 159 revolutions for every revolution of the sheave.
  • Our reduction unit is sealed and life-time lubricated with a high pressure EP2 rated lithium based grease.
  • The motor assembly is O-Ring sealed to prevent saltwater intrusion from spray or wash down.
  • Many customers pull strings of 5, 10 or more pots on a pot line (where legal).
  • We have many units that have been in service for over 11 years with no breakdowns or repairs.
  • Our competition cannot make the same claim.