• Duncan, BC

    When we go cruising to Desolation Sound, we often anchor out and make use of our tender, which is an Ocean Air aluminum RIB with...

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  • Hood Canal, WA

    We went up to the Hood canal and crab Friday. Hauler worked great. We were a three man crew with an average age of 75...

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  • Valdez, AK

    Gentlemen, I have fished Valdez Alaska for past 13 years spending a month or more each year on the water. I have used several brands...

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Hauler Testimonial

Finally got it all together (weather, equipment, health, boat condition) for a good boat trip.This has been a much larger project than first thought.

Attached are some images you may be interested in.

grapnel hook on hauler1. Shows the end of recovery of 800 feet of rope and attached grapnel hook from 250 feet of water.The worm drive had problems for running the side scan reel, so used it for hauling which works very well.

ss fish on hauler2. Shows final recovery of 500 feet of cable and side scan tow fish out of 250 foot of water.This also worked well.I normally do not use the hauler for tow fish recovery, but tried it out as a backup to the motor driven reel system. 2 friends do use your hauler for tow fish recovery.

sidescan cable reel motor3. Shows the home made reel with 575 feet of tow fish cable. This really works well. The reverseable planetary drive motor allows both rapid fish deployment and recovery. This motor places less strain on the reel drive system as the worm drive did. The problem with the worm drive was little coasting at turn off. The planet drive has more coast which softens stopping the reel with 40 pounds of cable.

Harry Davis

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