• Duncan, BC

    When we go cruising to Desolation Sound, we often anchor out and make use of our tender, which is an Ocean Air aluminum RIB with...

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  • Hood Canal, WA

    We went up to the Hood canal and crab Friday. Hauler worked great. We were a three man crew with an average age of 75...

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  • Valdez, AK

    Gentlemen, I have fished Valdez Alaska for past 13 years spending a month or more each year on the water. I have used several brands...

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Juneau, AK

ChipPeytonwebQuality Products NorthWest, LLC

Installing a Safety Hauler pot puller on my boat this summer was the best idea I’ve come up with in a while. It added a whole new dimension to our boating experience that the whole family shared in. It always brought an exciting end to a day spent fishing or just being out on the water.

I found the puller installation to be straight forward. Not wanting a permanent davit attached to my boat, I got the three-part kit where I take down the davit and motor in seconds after each use. The Alaskan model I got (rated at 200 pounds) works great and effortlessly pulls my king and long-lined shrimp pots in depths of 300-400 feet. The material and craftsmanship are first class along with it’s easy and safe use. At my harbor here in Juneau Alaska , you see the Safety-Puller and Safety-Hauler’s installed up and down the docks and everyone shares the same opinion, they love them. I highly recommened them to anyone who is considerng purchasing a pot puller.

Chip Peyton

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