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Juneau, AK


As a fellow boater and fisherman, I wish to complement your company on the practical design and application of your Safe-T-Puller and Shrimp Pots.

I currently have a davit mounted, Light Commercial Model, Safe-T-Puller transom mounted on my 40 foot pleasure craft. Here in Southeast Alaska I fish 4-foot square King Crab pots and strings of shrimp pots to depths of 600 feet. In the three years that I have used the Safe-T-Puller, it has not let me down once, and it quickly and safely pulls in the pots.

Pagenkopf_06webAnother use I have found for the Safe-T-Puller is the lifting and hanging of halibut, with the biggest to date being 240 pounds, for skinning and filleting. The puller makes a backbreaking job easy.

Up until last year I was fishing shrimp with 2-foot square coated wire mesh pots. I usually fished 2 strings of 5 pots per string. Last spring I acquired one of your larger rectangular shrimp pots. On my first use of your pot, I noted that your rectangular pot out fished my other pots 3 to 1. I now fish 3 of your pots and get as many or more shrimp than I did with the other 10 smaller pots. Your pots are also faster and easier to bait as well as unload the shrimp.
Good Fishing,

Ron Pagenkopf
Juneau, AK

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