• Duncan, BC

    When we go cruising to Desolation Sound, we often anchor out and make use of our tender, which is an Ocean Air aluminum RIB with...

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  • Hood Canal, WA

    We went up to the Hood canal and crab Friday. Hauler worked great. We were a three man crew with an average age of 75...

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  • Valdez, AK

    Gentlemen, I have fished Valdez Alaska for past 13 years spending a month or more each year on the water. I have used several brands...

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Montara, CA

From: Paul Fischer
Montara, CA 94037
Sent: November 19, 2005

I run a string of 10 commercial crab pots (42” round), which I use for sport crabbing. Your “Light Commercial” model performs as advertised, accomplishing everything that I could ever wish. Each pot weighs about 80 pounds, with crab, around 110 ponds. While pulling the pots, we never take the boat out of gear, but rather travel in a large circle, all the while pulling the pot off the bottom. We don’t take the buoys into the boat, with all the mess that would result.

I just thought you would appreciate knowing how happy and satisfied with this customer is.


Paul Fischer

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