• Duncan, BC

    When we go cruising to Desolation Sound, we often anchor out and make use of our tender, which is an Ocean Air aluminum RIB with...

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  • Hood Canal, WA

    We went up to the Hood canal and crab Friday. Hauler worked great. We were a three man crew with an average age of 75...

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    Gentlemen, I have fished Valdez Alaska for past 13 years spending a month or more each year on the water. I have used several brands...

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Seattle, WA


I want to thank you for producing a top-quality electric pot hauler. I have a house in Kodiak, Alaska where I use my skiff for serious recreational crabbing and fishing. Most people in the community insist on hydraulic pot haulers because they claim there is no electric pot hauler that can handle the wear and tear of Alaska weather and fishing. After two tries with your competitors’ pot haulers I was ready to agree. Between shorts, corrosion and lack of pulling power, I couldn’t give the old haulers away.

I was more than a little skeptical about going electric again but a friend in Southeast Alaska told me great things about your product. Two summers ago I purchased the Light Commercial Safe-T-Puller. It has been a phenomenal machine. It is a very well designed and easy to install. The foot-operated switch makes hauling pots much easier and safer than a hand-activated switch. The pulling power is everything it was supposed to be and more. Best of all, after two years of constant saltwater exposure, there is not one bit of corrosion anywhere on the system.

I have used the puller for a thousand plus crab pot hauls without a single problem. I even used it to hoist a 200 lb. Halibut into the skiff when I was fishing by myself and couldn’t get the fish aboard any other way. It’s a piece of equipment that was built Alaska-tough and I couldn’t get by without it.
Best Regards,

Mike Hyde
Seattle, Washington

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