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Southeast Alaska

Dear Quality Products NorthWest, LLC,

shrimpingOf the seven types of shrimp pots I used in 2005, the Magnum Shrimp Pot by far outperformed the others and is the only shrimp pot I will every buy going forward.

shrimpingAfter installing my Safety-Puller pot puller on my boat in June, I wasted no time in trying out my hand at shrimping in the waters of Southeast Alaska. I had a real mixed bag of shrimp pots to use; (square, round, oval, big, small, net mesh, rubberized chicken wire, round openings, ramp openings and square openings) and an unlimited supply of fresh bait, thanks to the seafood processing plant down the road. After testing several spots, I found a place that produced good catches throughout the season. Each of my two long lines had 5 pots attached spread about 15’ apart from each other. Within a couple of weeks I knew which pots were fair, good or great and which pots were wasting my time to bait. I was amazed that some pots sold locally for over $80 consistently caught 1/20th the shrimp I landed in the Magnum pots, sitting next to each other.

The pots stayed in the water a little over 3 straight months with no barnacle growth or algae buildup. Everything about the pot is first class including the doors, shrimp ports, large twin bait compartment that you fill from outside with latching doors and the ganion (halibut) clip for one hand connection of pot to the long line.

Raleigh Peyton

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